How to get multiple Google Voice numbers?

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How to get multiple Google Voice numbers?

 Google Voice app users often ask: How do I get multiple numbers from Google Voice? While it is possible to use a Google Account with multiple phone numbers, creating multiple Google Voice numbers can be very difficult.

Let's clear up one thing first. Simply put, the subscription version of Google Voice only allows one additional phone number. Google Voice for GSuite allows you to use as many phone numbers as you like.

However, this did not prevent him from finding answers on how to get multiple numbers from Google Voice. There are many reasons why you might want to get multiple Google Voice numbers.

But how do we get multiple phone numbers? Let's see if Google Voice is right for you.

Are two (or more) Google Voice numbers better?

If you're looking for temporary, anonymous phone numbers, Google Voice may not be the best option, and there's still some confusion about whether Google Voice is compatible with other messaging apps.

Please note that Google Voice numbers are associated with a Google Account. Having a Google Account with multiple phone numbers and then registering them with Google Voice may seem convenient, but you may have multiple numbers associated with it, but keep in mind that Google stores a lot of personal information.

Google makes a lot of money from online advertising and takes care to verify your personal data to make its ads more personalized. This is not a strong argument for your privacy on the Internet.

If you need lots of google voice numbers for your business or personal purposes, then you can purchase some google voice numbers from contact sellers. There are lots of sellers available who sell bulk google voice numbers. is one of the best google voice sellers. You can visit their website to check their services.

More importantly, removing numbers from Google Voice does not result in immediate cancellation. In fact, the deleted Google Voice number can still forward calls and messages to your phone for 90 days. This means it can be difficult to be anonymous with Google Voice numbers.

However, it is more beneficial to get Google Voice numbers from both companies if your company is supported by GSIT. As mentioned above, the Jesuit version of Google Voice allows users to use more than two phone numbers. This is already effective if you already use a lot of Google tools because all Google services are integrated and information can be easily provided between them.

So if you are looking for a convenient way to connect multiple numbers or have set up a simple system for your business to forward multiple numbers, Google Voice works well. If you are looking for temporary and anonymous phone numbers, you can make better use of a phone burner application like Phone.

How to get multiple numbers from Google Voice

Solution 1

Tell Google Voice that the number is a valid phone number and not a home or mobile phone number on both accounts.
If you do not correctly identify the number associated with your Google Voice number, you will not be able to associate any physical phone number with multiple Google Voice numbers.

To get multiple numbers from Google Voice, you must set the related number as a work phone number or a home phone number. Do not set a linked phone number as a mobile phone number as it will separate it from any phone number associated with your Google Voice account.

Solution 2: Get multiple Google Voice accounts

Another solution for determining the number of users who can promise a Google Voice number is to create multiple Google Accounts, sign up for multiple Google Voice accounts, and then set up a system to forward calls to your original Google Voice number from multiple connected numbers.

All calls from the Google Voice number will be forwarded to the single main Google Voice number and this method allows you to get multiple Google Voice numbers without logging in to multiple Google Accounts.

Solution 3: Use a phone number generator

Since Google Voice numbers are tied to a physical phone number, another way to get multiple Google Voice numbers is to simply create virtual phone numbers and then have your preferred Google Voice number.

Sounds easy, until you understand how it can cause you big problems. Depending on the Google Voice Terms of Service, you may not use a phone number that you directly control, or your Google Voice account may be suspended or terminated if you create multiple user accounts automatically or under false pretences.

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